The CREATE SD Ranges from Duraflor

Duraflor are able to offer a selection of Social Distancing Carpet Tiles and Vinyl Floor Graphics. They act as a perfect reminder to staff and visitors about the importance of keeping to Government’s Guidelines, and as a proactive way of reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

We appreciate you want to mitigate the effect the virus has had on your business and reduce staff concerns. We are here to support your Social Distancing activities, so don’t hesitate to call us on 01592 630030 or email [email protected]


Carpet Tiles – the natural choice for Social Distancing signage

In a commercial environment carpet tiles are an obvious choice for Social Distancing. Being 500mm x 500mm means that they can be easily spaced to indicate the minimum distancing recommended. They can temporarily replace the current carpet tile flooring scheme in key areas of your business, and existing tiles can then be stored safely in readiness for re-use.

The other advantages include ease of maintenance and the fact they are designed for heavy traffic areas and longevity. With your new CREATE SD marker carpet tiles in place, you don’t have to worry about sticky tape ruining your existing flooring and when correctly installed they don’t present a tripping hazard.

Vinyl Floor Graphics – for hard floors both internally and externally

Our range of circular 300mm vinyl floor graphics are perfect for hard smooth surfaces. Printed on 95mic removable floor vinyl, they are fade resistant and won’t scratch or scuff, making them perfect for heavy traffic areas.

Important messaging to keep a safe distance and to show direction of traffic around public and private spaces is an essential part of virus mitigation and this range really does reinforce this message. There is even a safe distance version for younger children as part of this range – ideal for an education project.

Social Distancing Mats

In addition to carpet tiles, we also have two Social Distancing Mats. Available either landscape of portrait, these 90cm x 150cm mats are an ideal reminder to people entering the building to respect your social distancing policy.

They are washable, moisture absorbing and designed for commercial use. For more details download our brochure or visit our webpage.

Sanitisation Products From Duraflor

We also have a range of sanitisation products to help you with that. Take a look at the benefits of our Rhinosan Sanitiser range. The range is a cost effect way to sanitise floor coverings as well as office furniture and fittings.


Please note: Designs may vary slightly from illustrations shown. Please request a sample if design is critical.


  • Carpet Tile Size

  • 500 x 500mm

  • Carpet Pile Weight

  • 520g/m2

  • Total Weight

  • 4200g/m2

  • Carpet Tile Thickness

  • 7.2mm


  • Guarantee

  • Carpet Tiles – 10 years

  • Vinyl Graphic Size

  • 300mm Circles

  • SD Mats Size

  • 900mm x 1500mm