Developed to meet the most demanding requirements, Duragrip is widely used in hospitals, care homes, schools, food-processing areas and in other flooring applications where safety, hygiene and durability are paramount.

The flooring is stain resistant and can stand extreme temperatures and physical wear and tear. That said, it is important is also looks good – a classic subtle colour palette makes Duragrip a popular choice for a wide range of locations, especially for social housing use. The high vinyl content makes Duragrip flexible and easier to install, so your projects can be completed quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Hygienic – due to Duragrip’s antibacterial and fungistatic treatment
  • Longer life – Duragrip is produced from 100% PVC (no fillers) for superior performance
  • Easy to maintain – non-porous surface of pure vinyl ensures easier cleaning
  • Colours – strong, yet classic colour clarity to complementing modern interiors


  • Tile Size

  • Width of rolls 2m
    Length of rolls 20m

  • Total Thickness

  • 2.0mm

  • Total Weight

  • 2,700g/m2

  • Guarantee

  • 12 years