How to choose the best hospital flooring

June, 2018

Choosing a flooring that can kill 99% of all known bacteria, is environmentally friendly, easy to maintain and available in a wide range of designs, will tick all the boxes when it comes to choosing the best hospital flooring.

The physical healthcare environment has a huge impact on the wellbeing of staff and patients. That’s just one of the key reasons why making the right flooring choices for a hospital can be critical to the overall experience. And although there are a variety of factors that can affect that choice, some basic criteria must be met in the health and hygiene space. The choice of flooring must therefore be one that is particularly designed for the healthcare environment, and it is now possible to choose one that actually reduces infection and associated cost.

Performance and durability

Not only does flooring for a hospital need to be durable and easy to maintain, it needs to perform well. Duraflor Galahad performance vinyls is extremely durable and its advance stain resistance is delivered through the revolutionary new technology of PUR and ultra hard micronised Al2 O3 (Aluminium Oxide) particles in the TECH Surface.

Minimising infection

Maintaining a clean and sterile environment is critical for effective healing and ‘no wax’ floor finishes are increasingly popular. Eliminating caustic chemicals from the hospital environment has additional health and cost benefits – Galahad flooring requires less water and energy to clean to the highest standards, helping to minimise infections and reduce long hospital stays.

Floors that have undergone an anti-bacterial and fungicide treatment also make effective barriers to microbial contamination between cleaning. Galahad flooring offers not one but two lines of defence, first by using the properties of Nano Silver to destroy bacteria without the need for chemicals, then using NanoTiO2 or Titanium Oxide to transform any harmful organic pollutants to harmless compounds giving long lasting, 24/7 protection against MRSA, VRE and E-coli by 99%, as well as C-Diff by 77%.

Infection control cleaning techniques are often ineffective with flooring materials that are laid as planks or tiles where bacteria can breed in any gaps. Seamless vinyl flooring helps minimise the issue and Galahad flooring is supplied in 2m wide rolls for fewer joins.

The bigger picture

In most modern organisations, sustainability is a priority and Galahad flooring is both 100% recyclable and incorporates any post-consumer waste directly into production. Hospital flooring should never adversely affect the quality of the air in the building, which is why Galahad is manufactured to be free of phthalate plasticiser that is harmful to the liver, lungs and kidneys.

Although it’s important that flooring is hard wearing, easy to clean and promote a healthy and sterile environment, intuitive and familiar design also plays an important part of the patient experience. Visually, flooring should be anything but sterile. Instead, it should be part of a soothing environment that is comforting and homelike. Flooring can be used to differentiate areas or lead the eye towards a certain destination, providing a lift to the spirits or easing eye fatigue for older patients.

Galahad flooring offers a range of design possibilities, from on-trend terrazzo style flooring in restful neutrals, to the warmth of Galahad Pure and the natural appeal of Galahad Wood. With its criteria beating combination of durability, disease prevention and design aesthetics, Duraflor Galahad is a premier choice for any hospital flooring.

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