Practical Design Ideas

Our Practical Design blogs are filled with great advice on the topics design professionals and project managers want to know more about. We like to think we have struck the perfect balance between design inspiration and practical tips – why not see for yourself.

Hexagonal floor tiles. Hexagon carpet tiles in office design

Have you considered hexagonal floor tiles?

January, 2020

The benefits of hexagonal floor tiles   This article outlines the advantages which using hexagonal floor tiles can bring to your floor space, including the…

Trend carpet tiles case study. Shows an inclusive workplace design approach.

Considerations for an inclusive workspace

January, 2020

Interior design considerations for an inclusive workspace   We considers how lighting, flooring, furniture, signage, fixtures and fittings can be adjusted so that they are…

Office redesign - soft furnishings, breakout area and Momenta flooring

5 reasons for an office redesign in 2020

January, 2020

Is it time for a change? 5 reasons for an office redesign in 2020   When a client pays a visit to your business, you…

Choosing an office colour blue office contrasts with grey

Choosing an office colour scheme for employees and clients

December, 2019

Four tips on choosing an office colour scheme   Here are four tips on how to choose an office colour scheme and commercial flooring to…

Changing office design greys with pop of colour

Changes in commercial office design

December, 2019

Millennials driving changes in commercial office design   It's true to say that commercial layouts have changed beyond all recognition in the past few years,…

good office design with legal and environmental considerations

Legal and environmental considerations for flooring

November, 2019

Legal and environmental considerations for commercial flooring choices.   We look at those all important legal and environmental considerations for commercial flooring decisions, some are…

Natural looking wood floor in restaurant setting

Design ideas for hotel interiors

November, 2019

  We consider flooring and a few more design ideas for hotel interiors   We know how to create that all important 'guest experience' is…

Flooring for heavy traffic rooms

The best flooring for high-traffic areas

November, 2019

  The possibilities when choosing the best flooring for high-traffic areas Choosing a flooring for high-traffic areas is relatively easy, considering the array of commercial…