Practical Design Ideas

Our Practical Design blogs are filled with great advice on the topics design professionals and project managers want to know more about. We like to think we have struck the perfect balance between design inspiration and practical tips – why not see for yourself.

Freedom Storm and Pavement Waterfall Carpet Tiles

Creating a post Covid-19 collaborative workspace

September, 2020

  Collaborative Workspaces and Covid-19   Designers are facing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19 restrictions. One challenge is creating a collaborative workspace that is suitable…

Aspect Carpet Tiles and Biophilic Design

How Covid-19 has affected Biophilic Designs

August, 2020

  How Covid-19 has affected Biophilic Design - we look to the future   In this blog post, we look at how COVID-19 has affected…

Design Ideas for the 2020 office - board table with protection pods

Interior Design Ideas for the 2020 Office

August, 2020

  Design Ideas for the 2020 Office - Covid-19 Considerations   Interior designers need to balance style with practicality, creating an inviting space which employees…

Office with partitioning part of a flexible office set up

Creating a flexible workspace

August, 2020

The practicalities of creating a flexible workspace.   Creating a flexible workspace is a practical and cost-effective decision for any business to make, with that…

Combination carpet tile and vinyl flooring

Design to reduce stress post Covid-19

July, 2020

Design considerations to reduce stress   While in the past you may have found creating a stress-free environment simple and straightforward, the COVID-19 pandemic has…

Making carpet tiles work harder colour as a path finder

Wayfinding a design concept and new necessity

July, 2020

Wayfinding as a way to social distance   As businesses are beginning to open up again in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, they are…

Greenhouses for a restaurant in Amsterdam - design inspiration Covid-19

Covid-19 design inspiration from around the world

July, 2020

  Covid-19 Design Inspiration includes humour and repurposing   As the coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world, we find ourselves in uncharted design territory. Designers…

Create SD range in an office setting to show Social Distancing

Crossing the ‘T’s and dotting the ‘I’s in the new normal

June, 2020

Hints for commercial designers in the new normal   Lockdown restrictions are continuing to ease around the UK and more and more businesses are opening…