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checking phone is a distraction to deep work

3 Office Design Features to Facilitate Deep Work

June, 2019

Deep work takes productivity to the next level   A look at how the design of your office space can influence what Cal Newport calls…

Bright flooring for a creative space

Use flooring to promote creative thinking

June, 2019

Simple ways to ensure a more creative environment   Whatever your commercial flooring needs, you ideally want a solution that will capitalise on your team's…

sweets on wall sense of fun makes an office productive

Interior design hacks for a more productive office

June, 2019

Practical design techniques to keep a workforce productive.   Busy office managers, business owners and facilities managers are always trying to find ways to make…

Flower on beach representing summer

Bring summer into interior office design

June, 2019

How to make summer last all year with your office design   The feeling of summer can help wellbeing within your office. Here are ways…

Great office design with Momenta Argento vinyl flooring

The importance of wellbeing in interior design

May, 2019

Here at Duraflor, we're celebrating our 100th blog post. As such, we'd like to talk about a topic so many of our posts have included…

man on floor tripped on cables

6 common causes of office injuries and how to avoid them

May, 2019

Careful planning mitigates office injuries. The office might not be considered one of the most dangerous places to work, but there are still some risks…

Freedom Storm on floor at London Office

6 essential considerations when purchasing office carpet tiles

May, 2019

Carpet tiles are an excellent flooring option for any office, thanks to their ability to provide insulation, absorb noise, and their ease of maintenance. The…

Freedom and Hexxtile carpet tiles in office

Make your next carpet tile hexagonal

May, 2019

Carpet Tiles don't have to be square.   Companies are still embracing geometric trends when it comes to flooring, and as a result hexagonal carpet…