Practical Design Ideas

Our Practical Design blogs are filled with great advice on the topics design professionals and project managers want to know more about. We like to think we have struck the perfect balance between design inspiration and practical tips – why not see for yourself.

art deco design cubism

4 ways carpet tiles can embrace the art deco revival

July, 2019

Art deco - making a come back   Popularised between the years of 1924 and 1940, art deco is an art movement that utilises bold…

Carpet tiles used creatively

How to be more creative with carpet tiles

July, 2019

Ways to be creative   If you are looking for ways to be more creative with carpet tiles, look no further! From zoning areas to…

Dark vinyl on a kitchen floor

Dark or light flooring?

July, 2019

Choosing between dark and light flooring   These days floors come in all kinds of colours, but the challenge always comes back to deciding on…

Carpet tile with coffee spill - cleaning carpet tiles top tips

Cleaning carpet tiles – top tips

July, 2019

Making the most of your investment   Cleaning carpet tiles will need to be part of your maintenance programme, if you want to make the…

Workplace Neon used for wayfinding in office

Advantages and disadvantages of carpet tiles

June, 2019

Considerations for and against choosing carpet tiles   Carpet tiles are the perfect option for commercial premises due to their ease of maintenance, durability and…

checking phone is a distraction to deep work

3 Office Design Features to Facilitate Deep Work

June, 2019

Deep work takes productivity to the next level   A look at how the design of your office space can influence what Cal Newport calls…

Bright flooring for a creative space

Use flooring to promote creative thinking

June, 2019

Simple ways to ensure a more creative environment   Whatever your commercial flooring needs, you ideally want a solution that will capitalise on your team's…

sweets on wall sense of fun makes an office productive

Interior design hacks for a more productive office

June, 2019

Practical design techniques to keep a workforce productive.   Busy office managers, business owners and facilities managers are always trying to find ways to make…