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Green Freedom Storm II in a boardroom and plants

Sustainability in office design

November, 2022

A significant focus on sustainability in office design   One of the most significant trends for office design in 2022 is an increased focus on…

Greenery within an office setting

Office design and layouts 2022

October, 2022

  What office design and layout trends will remain   As people return to the office following the pandemic, it's more important than ever that…

Reception area with TV Espressa on floor

Value Adding in Construction

July, 2022

The concept of value adding in construction   Adding value is important in many industries because it ensures that selling assets will gain you a…

An office design plan that includes zoning

Considering neurodiversity in office design

June, 2022

Neurodiverse environments   While neurodiversity is not a new idea in the workplace, not all businesses have supported it in the past, but that is…

Construction site with floor being laid

Making a construction site safe

June, 2022

Working in the construction industry has historically been considered one of the most dangerous jobs. In 2019, the HSE released a report saying that the…

Seating area and corridor Espressa on the floor

How to add value to your commercial property

May, 2022

How to add value to your commercial property to attract and retain tenants.   In this blog post, we’ll be looking at value creation in…

Office using Axis LVT and Freedom

Office Design Trends Of 2022

May, 2022

What are the significant office design trends of 2022?   You may have thought post- 2020/21 pandemic high levels, hot-desking would come to the fore…

Energy efficient ratings on an office plan

Ideas to make offices more energy efficient

April, 2022

Ways to make offices more energy efficient   Energy efficiency is a critical factor in building and construction work. As the world’s natural resources get…