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good office design

Why good office design matters to businesses

March, 2019

The saying goes that “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. However, your office design will be judged by staff, clients and suppliers.  If…

Combination carpet tile and vinyl flooring

Important factors to consider when selecting commercial flooring

February, 2019

Commercial flooring has a significant impact on the functionality and the level of comfort of an office. While longevity is always a consideration when deciding…

man standing at a laptop

Standing in the office – the health benefits

February, 2019

We discuss the health benefits of standing in the office. Modern office working can bring benefits, but also health risks. More periods of standing can…

Inspecting the yarn of a carpet tile

How to choose the right carpet tile

February, 2019

Interior designers and end users have a range of criteria that will inform their choices when exploring carpet tile solutions for a space. Factors like…

natural environment lighting and plants

Bringing nature into the workplace enhances productivity

February, 2019

We consider some of the less expensive options and benefits of bringing natural materials, plants, lighting and nature-inspired patterns into the working environment, when it…

Dog resting on office floor

5 unique ways to improve productivity in your office

January, 2019

Designing an office involves multiple considerations. You need to ensure that it is functional, welcoming and offers maximum productivity. Here are some unique ways to…

raised access floor installation image

Why use a raised access floor

January, 2019

Renovating your office space? This could be a great time to consider opting for a raised access floor if you haven't before. Experience a tidier…

Colour paint pots

Office design colours for employee well-being and productivity

January, 2019

What office design colours are good for your employees' well-being and productivity? This article explores the best colours to use on the floors and walls…