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Why winter is the best time to get your commercial flooring redone

October, 2018

Sorting out your commercial flooring now can have a huge number of benefits, which you probably didn’t even consider. With the nights starting to draw…

The great office flooring debate: vinyl tiles vs carpet tiles

October, 2018

Looking to refresh your commercial flooring? We help with the age old consideration vinyl tiles vs carpet tiles. Vinyl tiles or carpet tiles can be…

Why Duraflor’s new Hexxtile range is causing a stir

September, 2018

Our new Hexxtile range is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not difficult to see why. In this article, we discuss some of the benefits that…

Utilising colour as a wayfinding tool in your office

September, 2018

One of the most innovative aspects of modern design is that of the concept of wayfinding. This is a process by which designers can guide…

Entrance Matting: What makes it a Popular Commercial Flooring Option?

September, 2018

Many think of entrance matting from an aesthetic perspective. However, it is worth mentioning that aspects such as safety, maintenance cost, the durability of the…

Common office and commercial flooring mistakes

September, 2018

In this article we discuss the most common office and commercial flooring mistakes, and what you can do to avoid these, helping you to get…

Office trend - Momenta Argento in an open plan activity based work environment

Commercial flooring options delving into the detail

September, 2018

Selecting the right flooring for a space can help create an ideal environment for both visitors and employees. We delve into some of the more detailed considerations.…

Rethinking the workplace with Activity Based Workplace solutions

September, 2018

Activity Based Workplace or ABW solutions are on the rise, powerful catalysts for organisations to rethink how they are aligning their working environment with their…