Practical Design Ideas

Our Practical Design blogs are filled with great advice on the topics design professionals and project managers want to know more about. We like to think we have struck the perfect balance between design inspiration and practical tips – why not see for yourself.

Casual area office furniture

Preparing for the office furniture trends of 2019

January, 2019

The office space is ever-evolving, and modern office furniture design must move with the times. Traditional office desks and chairs are always going to be…

Trello Project Management Screen Shot

Project management tools to help you redesign a workspace

January, 2019

Many a project management task is made easier with project management tools. This is just as true for redesigning a workspace, as it is for…

Using entrance matting for protection for office flooring

How to protect your floor

December, 2018

Protecting your office flooring is important for health and safety as well as maintaining the professional look of your office over time. Here are three…

Office trend - Momenta Argento in an open plan activity based work environment

5 office design trends for 2019

December, 2018

In 2019, new office design trends will focus on providing a more flexible, natural look that will enhance the well-being of employees to make them…

LVT vs VCT in office environment

Choosing between LVT or VCT

November, 2018

In this article, we'll take a look at the differences between LVT and VCT flooring, and how to make the right choice based on the…

Future of office design - Duraflor Aspect carpet tiles

The future of office design

November, 2018

The future of office design will be full of variety and quick progression, as organisations aim at creating accommodative environments. Therefore, offices and business establishments…

Activity based workplace

Planning an activity based workplace layout

November, 2018

Ripping out your existing open plan office layout and creating a new activity based workplace may be surprisingly easier than you imagined. Our useful tips…

Commercial flooring maintenance

5 reasons you should schedule maintenance for your commercial flooring

November, 2018

Even the best commercial flooring solutions won't get you the best results if you don't maintain them properly. Consider developing a scheduled maintenance programme to…