Environmental Policy

Taking the environment seriously
Both Duraflor and its production partners are committed to a programme of environmental improvement. This includes compliance with internationally recognised regulatory standards, energy consumption and wastage being significantly reduced and a sophisticated recycling programme introduced that allows the bulk of post-manufacture factory waste to be reprocessed. All nylon pile, bitumen-backed carpet tiles can be recycled.


Ensuring wellbeing
We approach business in a considerate and responsible manner and employ a stringent health and safety policy, ensuring the wellbeing of all those affected by our operation. We treat all those we deal with fairly, honestly and consistently – from our customers, staff and suppliers, through to those in our local community.


Carpet tile part-exchange
As a part of our environmental programme, and to assist our customers with the problem of disposing of used carpet tiles, Duraflor offer a part-exchange service.


All Duraflor nylon pile, bitumen-backed carpet tiles can be recycled and now we are able to accept any tiles of this type in ‘part exchange’ regardless of the brand, size style or condition.


Returning carpet tiles in this way typically costs less than £1.00m2 on larger projects and can be cost neutral compared to landfill disposal. In addition, there is a considerable environmental benefit from reducing the wastage of usefully recyclable material resources.