Momenta, Robust and Hexxtiles

Office with Hexxtile providing a bright and stylish walkway

We were delighted to help our client Zentura with this project. They were looking for an innovative style, but were also working to a tight budget and tight timescales. What they achieved was a very dynamic project that reflected perfectly the needs of Anglia Towing Equipment.

The combination of quiet focussed zones and flexible teamwork spaces maximised the potential of the 2,500 sq ft space. Duraflor Hexxtiles in Broadband, Graphite and Night Sky added energy to this workspace. While Momenta Dark Rustic Oak in the kitchen area gave a traditional feel, and worked perfectly with brick walled area, splash-back and cleaned lined dark kitchen units. Our Hexxtiles were used throughout the building to add a distinct character to the premises, and chairs were selected for meeting rooms that matched the colouring of the floor tiles to create a co-ordinated modern feel.

We also supplied our Robust Range in Anthracite. A barrier style tile this is an ideal choice for demanding, heavy traffic locations and has a strong rugged look. Robust both hides soiling effectively and provides a dramatic patterned visual appeal.


Cegedim Workspace with Blizzard Flooring

We were delighted to assist Paramount Interiors with their brief to create a collaborative, city centre working space for their client Cegedim Insurance Solutions.

The design of the new offices needed to incorporate the company’s brand throughout. This was achieved perfectly by using the colour scheme chosen for both the furnishings and flooring, as well as highlighting the company’s global presence through clever wall graphics.

Workshops established a need to incorporate spacious collaboration areas, enclosed meeting areas for privacy, and cleverly designed open meeting booths for team sessions. The flooring played a key part in visually zoning different areas, and the transitioning to the different types of spaces, as well as creating the right on-brand ambiance.

Our client choose our Blizzard Carpet Tile Range in 3 different shades – Westbound, Whirlwind and Due North. This popular design style meets the need to create interest in the floor, while not detracting from the furnishings it is supporting. A non-directional pattern laid random and brickbond, it allows you to create a very different and distinct look every time. Perfect for the look and feel the client wanted, as different meeting rooms representing key cities around the globe took on distinct looks, but always with an emphasis on the quality of the organisation’s brand.

Hexxtiles, Storm, Momenta and Progression

Hexxtile, Momenta, Progression Tiles zones and kitchen area

One of our most exciting projects, as every fine detail was considered in our client’s brief. Our Hexxtile feature tiles matched the hexagon splash-back tiles in the kitchen area and attractive ceiling features in the boardroom.

Our Momenta LVT using our White Sparkle design, gave the kitchen a modern, clean and hygienic look. Momenta Mercury LVT transitioned seamlessly with luxury carpet tiles to create attractive zones in breakout areas. In fact subtle tones and pops of colour blended perfectly throughout the entire building.

Our client choose Freedom Storm in Iron Ore, Flagstone and Charcoal – all working in harmony, but more importantly offering their client luxury and unquestionable durability, as well as enhanced cleaning properties. Plus, the Freedom Collection has our longest commercial wear guarantee due to its tight weave and quality antron® 6.6 yarn, making it perfect for both boardrooms and high traffic corridors.

Momenta Luxury Vinyl Tiles were used as a practical solution for ensuring the kitchen area could be easily maintained, hygiene standards met and to create a distinct feature a focal point within the office environment.

Axis Oak Nature


Axis Oak Nature proved to be the perfect solution for our client. The brief here was simple – transform our office flooring from a dull brown, soiled carpet to something that makes the office feel lighter and airier. Use a product that is easy to maintain and has a natural look about it.

Our client wanted  to bring even more light into an office that already benefitted from windows on all sides. It is a well known fact that lighter flooring gives the illusion of more space in any room, especially when paired with white walls and plenty of natural light. So there were added benefits to opting for Oak Nature.

Our London based banking client commented: “We’re glad we chose Duraflor; it looks great, is super-easy to keep clean – we love it”. They also appreciated the speed of delivery. Coming from UK stock meant availability just when they needed it. But, that is not the only benefit of AXIS, being a loosely Luxury Vinyl Tile means it is also faster to install. A quick installation and an instantly perfect look, plus given that it is heavy contract rated, it is going to maintain that great appearance for quite some time.

Storm, Pavement, Rainfall and Axis

Freedom Storm and Pavement in OEC Office

Our client working on this modern office brief from The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC), wanted to ensure that their client’s breakout area and office spaces were attractive looking, practical and ideally suited for working in such a progressive modern environment. They liked the plush but windswept effect of the Freedom Storm range and the practicality of an attractive looselay luxury vinyl tile.

They were also looking for a distinctive yet seamless transition from breakout areas, open office space and conference areas – with furniture, flooring and wall graphics all making a statement about their client’s brand.

Our client chose to use ranges from the Freedom Collection throughout the project. Taking advantage of how well each of the products work together, yet create very distinctive looks in both design and colour options. Using antron® 6.6 yarn gives the Freedom Collection added maintenance and environmental benefits. A low carbon footprint and with stains diffusing more slowly than with standard nylon, there is time to clean up a spill before it becomes ingrained. Added that to the Heavyweave™ technology employed in this range and it really isn’t surprising that the Freedom Collection also comes with a 20-year commercial wear guarantee. Giving OEC a truly practical and stunning flooring scheme.

In fact, we love the idea of combining Freedom Storm in Mineral and Boulder as well as using Freedom Rainfall and Pavement – the perfect combination of nature inspired and urban inspired designs together. Then using Axis LVT in a classic oak cinnamon design, to give a very different look and practical element to OEC’s stylish and modern rest area.

Espressa Rustic Drift

Espressa Rustic Drift in retail store

Not of all of our projects are offices, we also work with clients on retail stores. We particularly like this one, which enabled a very distinctive and sophisticated design scheme, combined with the needs of a high-traffic area.

With a theme based around a simple and balanced monochromatic palette, and natural textured accents such as wood, brick and stone, this retail environment has both an industrial feel and a boutique atmosphere to it.

The client wanted a practical floor finish that was suited to high traffic and easily cleaned, while maintaining the natural textures used throughout. Our Espressa LVT range offered the ideal solution, and the client chose the Rustic Drift colour, which we think works exceptionally well. In addition, being looselay meant the flooring could be quickly and easily installed over a warehouse floor, therefore enabling the client to keep to their project timeline. Style and speed of installation are two of the main benefits of this luxury vinyl tile range.

Progression Planks

Progression Planks and Axis

Our client worked alongside a luxury textile company located near Glasgow, to create additional space by renovating the mezzanine floor in their production facility.

This modern design project created a further five separate meeting spaces, including a formal boardroom and a collaborative zone.  The project also featured large floor to ceiling windows to enhance the feeling of space.

A particularly striking element of the design is the herringbone laid carpet tile planks (nearly identical to the design we have in our own offices!). Using Progression Plank in a mix of colours and textures, allowed our client to integrate a floor design that showed great attention to detail and gave the mezzanine a feel that closely aligned with the company’s own operations. An additional benefit is that the Progression Planks are not only excellent value, but also available from stock.

In addition, a feature we really like in these offices is the wood-effect LVT planks which have been used around the office space. As our Axis looselay luxury vinyl tiles are 5mm thick, they can be fitted seamlessly alongside carpet tile planks.

Momenta Metallic Rust

Momenta Metallic Rust

UK Steel Enterprise (UKSE) owners of this building approached a leading interior design and build company to give their office base in Lanarkshire a design refresh. The priority was to create a ‘wow’ factor for the main atrium space, and to introduce a social space for all tenants to share.

They transformed the office space into a more refreshed and ‘appealing’ space for potential tenants in the Glasgow area.

A palette of contemporary colours and materials helps to create this welcoming and appealing atrium space. Large suspended feature lights illuminate the new atrium, and the introduction of ash timber wall cladding adds warmth and aids the acoustics to this double height space.

In particular, we love the stylish yet muted tones of the MOMENTA vinyl flooring, in colour Metallic Rust. Laid in brickbond format, the colour lends itself to this industrial environment and will maintain a high-quality appearance even with intensive use.

Natural Terrain Tundra

Natural Terrain carpet tiles

The overall effect of this office space is befitting for this prestigious location for this firm of solicitors in Edinburgh. We love the simplicity of the design in this office space, which is complemented by the subtle yet striking patterns of the floor.  The pop of colour in some of the furnishings creates interest and works very well with the clean look of the overall design.

TUNDRA is a design from our NATURAL TERRAIN collection which uses the same colour bank, so it is possible to use them together as part of a building plan, transitioning designs from room to room yet keeping an element of harmony. With an unparalleled depth of design, the NATURAL TERRAIN collection is proving very popular with its modern yet natural designs and subtle, but distinctive colour range.

The TUNDRA design in colour SUMMIT is inspired by the blended tones formed by the Earth’s rich landscape; it is subtle and yet distinctive.

Overall, this project was a very pleasing and well-designed installation which we are very proud to have been part of, and we are confident it will retain its appearance for a long time to come.

Download this case study as a PDF here.

Hexxtile and Freedom

Hexagon carpet tiles in office space

In this office renovation, Duraflor was delighted to work with a forward thinking construction company in delivering an ambitious design scheme, which is used both as their own working environment and also a showroom for their clients, demonstrating their ability to create inspiring workplaces.

The design is bold, defined, and eye-catching, using different floor coverings including both hexagon carpet tiles and looselay vinyl flooring, demonstrating that floor coverings can indeed make a statement and can create feature areas and zoning in commercial interiors.

The concept puts together a wide range of different products from Duraflor. First and foremost is one of Duraflor’s premium carpet tile ranges, FREEDOM STORM, in colours Mineral and Boulder. This designer tile will retain its striking appearance in these offices for many years, due to its heavy-weave construction, with a high tuft density and exceptional yarn properties. This blends into areas using hexagon carpet tiles from our HEXXTILE PROGRESSION range in a mix of patterns and colours.

Into these carpet tiles a vinyl tile has been fitted in the hexagon shape which provides a defined area for the kitchen. This area features the AXIS looselay tiles in Concrete Light Grey which are 5mm thick and are therefore the same level as the carpet tiles, eliminating trip hazards and any need for floor trims.

Finally, a highlight tile from our HEXXTILE Bright Ideas range introduces a splash of colour and has been used to define a border around the boardroom table.

Download this case study as a PDF here.