June, 2020

The Build-Environment and Flooring Market Post Covid-19


Last month, Duraflor conducted a market survey gauging what our customer base of architects, specifiers, fit-out companies, main contractors, flooring contractors and building contractors thought would be the key changes that our industry might see for the remainder of 2020. Do you think the build-environment and flooring market post Covid-19 will be significantly changed? This is what we found:

There was a considerable spread of feeling about the buoyancy of the market for the rest of 2020, while some expected a slightly depressed market, others were predicting a busy second half of the year. Those with the most positive outlook for the remainder of 2020 had a mixed sector portfolio, often including domestic and retail sectors. It certainly isn’t all doom and gloom out there, which is good for all to hear.

Contractors involved in the provision of commercial flooring generally expect there to be a greater requirement for anti-bacterial Safety Flooring and LVT solutions. Interestingly, there was an even spread of views across these two ‘easy clean’ flooring solutions. The need for one versus the other is most likely to be driven by the building use or a H&S specification.

Contractors involved purely in domestic projects are not expecting any flooring requirement changes and this also applies to some contractors working on a combination of domestic, retail and education projects – this is probably not unexpected and highlights further a potential shift in office flooring.

Responses also indicate that the key changes most likely to impact the work done post COVID-19 are mainly around the continuation of social distancing measures (and the 2m distancing minimum), wellbeing and the consideration of others in the design and execution of projects. By comparison, relatively few customers cited economic uncertainty as the key impact to their post COVID-19 work, which suggests that addressing the people considerations will likely dominate the sector for the foreseeable future.

At Duraflor we already offer a comprehensive range of LVT and Safety Flooring. We have also recognised the current need to offer Social Distancing Carpet Tiles and Matting, as well as providing our clients with a cost effective way to sanitise a premise.

For more information on site procedures and what to expect we recommend visiting this website.

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