May, 2020

It is perhaps not surprising that when we launched our Social Distancing Carpet Tiles Range CREATE SD earlier this week, it proved extremely popular and we were flooded with enquiries. It is easy to appreciate how such a simple idea would work.

Carpet Tiles can be printed with reminders about keeping 2 metres apart and in busy offices, that want to strictly adhere to the Government’s guidance, they can replace existing tiles at convenient 2m intervals throughout a full floor plan.

The printed high quality contract flooring tiles are also available with arrows in grey, black and yellow. A key use for this is to provide direction of corridor use or to indicate entry and exit routes in busy entrance ways.

CREATE SD Range used in an entrance way - arrows indicating entry and exit routes
For illustration purposes only. Directional arrows in an entrance way.


The standard range in grey and black tiles will work well with many floor plans yet are distinctive enough to highlight the key message of Social Distancing.

In addition to Social Distancing Tiles Duraflor also launched two sizes of entrance mats for both interior and exterior use. These also act as a reminder to staff and visitors to respect the company’s desire to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Entrance way with Social Distancing Mat
Entrance way with social distancing mat positioned outside the building


We also recommend our recently introduced Rhinosan range is included as part of any COVID-19 prevention plan. This range of sanitisers is a convenient and cost-effective way to keep hygiene standards high and can be recommended to clients along with the social distancing flooring solutions.

If you are looking for more information on what you should have in place for employees returning to work we recommend the following guide. It include details from the World Health Organisation on getting the workplace ready.

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