May, 2021

The BLIZZARD range is certainly a success story, popular, stylish, affordable and now it has 5 more colours that have extra standout.

We all know that ‘affordable design’ is going to be a winner, and that is firmly where BLIZZARD is positioned. Popular, subtle random patterns that merge into each other with an almost nebular, snow storm or blizzard type feel. This means you can create a unique and classic look in every room. BLIZZARD was originally partnered as a set with the MAGNITUDE range, so that the same colour-way could transition from subtle swirls to linear patterns as you moved to a different zone or room. The new colours are very different again, this time two contrasting colour tones in one tile adding even more depth, style and vibrancy to your floor. The tiles share a common colour, so mixing and matching creates the perfect combination.

The new BLIZZARD range colours are ones you really need to see to fully appreciate. We recommend ordering samples, or booking a visit with one of our Business Development Managers.

Take a look at a recent case study that used our Blizzard tiles to create a collaborative office space that really reflected our customer’s client’s brand values.


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