Eleganza LVT Short Plank - Vanilla Oak in a boardroom, wood matching table and chairs

Stunning new Eleganza LVT short plank – small is beautiful

We all know the saying “small is beautiful” and that has never been so true, as when specifying the new range of stylish, elegant short planks launched this month by Duraflor.

Every aspect has been considered, from the detail of the grain, the selection of light and dark woods, and the hard wearing nature and durability of product. Suitable for heavy traffic commercial areas; it is also a range that would look both warm and inviting in any home. The floor is scratch and scuff resistant.

While it can be used for large areas, we highly recommend this range for feature and break-out areas in a commercial settings. It is also suitable for bathrooms, and can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating.

The ELEGANZA LVT short plank range comes in 9 designs and we keep it in stock for immediate delivery. Discover more about the new ELEGANZA short plank range and then call us discuss how our flooring experts can help you with your next project 01592 630 030.

Preparing for a virtual journey

Leeds Showroom

Leeds showroom has a revamp in readiness for going online


Not only are we excited, that the work is now completed on the new flooring arrangement at our Leeds showroom, but that it is soon to be part of a fully interactive online experience!

Our customers will be able to walk the showroom without leaving their desk, see products they are interested in and click through to relevant information.

The showroom is a great place for designer to browse, as customers can not only learn about our flooring but see the wide range of plants available from Vantage Spaces – the resident experts in plants and living walls for commercial interiors. We will let you know when it is all available to view, so you can be transported on a journey that connects you with nature and showcases some excellent flooring ranges to boot.

Anti-slip step inserts showing market is picking up

Stepline used City of Glasgow

Anti-slip step inserts sales indicate projects are underway

Our Artech Systems business, which offers anti-slip integrated step inserts on large internal and external projects has once again started to motor, an indication perhaps that major construction projects are once again underway.

Our Artech Stepline range can be found in colleges, stadiums and prestigious retail stores – the list includes City of Glasgow College, SSE Hydro , Hugo Boss Manchester , Wembley Stadium and York Minster to name but a few. This business has been helping specifiers and contractors with their requirements since 2002.

Available for immediate delivery the range offers the opportunity to install onsite or pre-set into the steps during production. The products are produced in a range of sizes and shapes and include stainless steel, solid brass, carborundum and composite integrated step inserts. Suitable to be included in terrazzo, concrete, marble, natural stone, cast stone and timber.

It is not only a legal requirement to ensure steps are safe but from a design perspective you want them to also be aesthetically pleasing and the Stepline range of anti-slip step inserts meets just that need. We work with you to ensure you have just what you need in record time. Visit the Artech website for more details and call us on 01592 630030 to discuss your requirements – we are here to help with small and large project requirements. As the market picks up, we know you want a reliable UK supplier that gives you a quality product, fast delivery and that makes installation easy.


Survey Quote from Duraflor Research on Build-Environment and Flooring Industry post Covid-19

The Build-Environment and Flooring Market Post Covid-19


Last month, Duraflor conducted a market survey gauging what our customer base of architects, specifiers, fit-out companies, main contractors, flooring contractors and building contractors thought would be the key changes that our industry might see for the remainder of 2020. Do you think the build-environment and flooring market post Covid-19 will be significantly changed? This is what we found:

There was a considerable spread of feeling about the buoyancy of the market for the rest of 2020, while some expected a slightly depressed market, others were predicting a busy second half of the year. Those with the most positive outlook for the remainder of 2020 had a mixed sector portfolio, often including domestic and retail sectors. It certainly isn’t all doom and gloom out there, which is good for all to hear.

Contractors involved in the provision of commercial flooring generally expect there to be a greater requirement for anti-bacterial Safety Flooring and LVT solutions. Interestingly, there was an even spread of views across these two ‘easy clean’ flooring solutions. The need for one versus the other is most likely to be driven by the building use or a H&S specification.

Contractors involved purely in domestic projects are not expecting any flooring requirement changes and this also applies to some contractors working on a combination of domestic, retail and education projects – this is probably not unexpected and highlights further a potential shift in office flooring.

Responses also indicate that the key changes most likely to impact the work done post COVID-19 are mainly around the continuation of social distancing measures (and the 2m distancing minimum), wellbeing and the consideration of others in the design and execution of projects. By comparison, relatively few customers cited economic uncertainty as the key impact to their post COVID-19 work, which suggests that addressing the people considerations will likely dominate the sector for the foreseeable future.

At Duraflor we already offer a comprehensive range of LVT and Safety Flooring. We have also recognised the current need to offer Social Distancing Carpet Tiles and Matting, as well as providing our clients with a cost effective way to sanitise a premise.

For more information on site procedures and what to expect we recommend visiting this website.


Create SD range in an office setting to show Social Distancing

It is perhaps not surprising that when we launched our Social Distancing Carpet Tiles Range CREATE SD earlier this week, it proved extremely popular and we were flooded with enquiries. It is easy to appreciate how such a simple idea would work.

Carpet Tiles can be printed with reminders about keeping 2 metres apart and in busy offices, that want to strictly adhere to the Government’s guidance, they can replace existing tiles at convenient 2m intervals throughout a full floor plan.

The printed high quality contract flooring tiles are also available with arrows in grey, black and yellow. A key use for this is to provide direction of corridor use or to indicate entry and exit routes in busy entrance ways.

CREATE SD Range used in an entrance way - arrows indicating entry and exit routes
For illustration purposes only. Directional arrows in an entrance way.


The standard range in grey and black tiles will work well with many floor plans yet are distinctive enough to highlight the key message of Social Distancing.

In addition to Social Distancing Tiles Duraflor also launched two sizes of entrance mats for both interior and exterior use. These also act as a reminder to staff and visitors to respect the company’s desire to help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Entrance way with Social Distancing Mat
Entrance way with social distancing mat positioned outside the building


We also recommend our recently introduced Rhinosan range is included as part of any COVID-19 prevention plan. This range of sanitisers is a convenient and cost-effective way to keep hygiene standards high and can be recommended to clients along with the social distancing flooring solutions.

If you are looking for more information on what you should have in place for employees returning to work we recommend the following guide. It include details from the World Health Organisation on getting the workplace ready.


Deep clean multi-surface sanitiser

Recommended, professional deep clean sanitiser range – not just for flooring.


Duraflor are pleased to be able to offer our customers a range of sanitisers for eliminating bacteria on flooring and multiple surfaces. Ideal for healthcare and catering environments, and for offices and other public spaces.

We have recognised the need to provide our customers with a range they can trust, and that gives peace of mind beyond the hygiene now expected for flooring surfaces, we are therefore delighted to recommend this range.

Both products, Rhinosan Deep Clean and Intensive Clean pass EN 1276, 13704, 1650, 14476 & 14675. They are for professional use only and have been certified to kill 99.9% of bacteria. This includes E. coli, HIV, Hepatitis C, MRSA & Clostridium difficile. Our R509 Intensive Clean is a powerful bactericidal and virucidal multiple surfaces sanitiser, which has been specifically created for high risk environments.

These products are both safe and easy to use – both comply with the EU Biocidal Product Directive 98/8/EC (ensuring a high level of protection for humans, animals and the environment) and can be applied using a spray, wipe or through wet mopping if required.

In stock and available for immediate dispatch. For more details contact us on 01592 630030.

Download our PDF of the range benefits. Looking to help clients with a Social Distancing solution take a look at our CREATE SD range.


Antibacterial hygienic wall cladding

A product that Duraflor has been selling for quite some time has seen a significant uplift in interest as a result of the Coronavirus.

The Duraclad range comprises of a wide range of PVC wall cladding colour options, a specially formulated 2-part adhesive and matching profiles – giving you a comprehensive system in stock for next day delivery. Combine with anti-bacterial Duragrip safety flooring or self-disinfecting Galahad range, and you can achieve a seamless hygienic zone in a medical environment, or even a fully sealed wet room if required.

Duraclad’s wipe clean, high impact resistant surface means no grout lines to support bacterial growth. Making it easier to maintain and clean with sanitiser and the ideal solution to prevent the spread of viruses and the growth of mould and bacteria.

Additionally Duraclad creates an aesthetically pleasing surface that transforms interiors, as it can be used over most substrates.

Download our Duraclad Brochure.


Contact us for more details. We can be reached on 01592 630030.





Project NHS Nightingale Constution Industry Guidelines Covid 19

At Duraflor we believe protecting lives and saving the NHS are imperative, and we support the many sites that have been closed down to enable this. We also appreciate that some contractors are now supporting important NHS projects and other projects, which are deemed essential. We will of course do everything in our power to help in these circumstances.

There is obviously a high level of uncertainty in the industry at present and changes are unfolding daily. We are aware that the Construction Industry Council has published a list of circumstances when sites can remain open and they have also issued guidance on site operating procedures.  This is likely to be subject to change. And, while there is no substitute for Government official websites and trusted news sources, it is probably worth monitoring sites such as the Construction Industry Council, who are keen to keep those in our industry as up to date with developments as possible. We will continue to monitor the situation closely ourselves and provide as much information as we can to our customer base.

Image: Project NHS Nightingale





Paul Revell

We are pleased to welcome Paul Revell to the Duraflor team. Paul joins us as Business Development Manager for Scotland and brings with him a wealth of experience in the specification market and wider construction industry. The flooring sector is also no stranger to Paul, joining us with over 14 years of knowledge of supplying flooring products to the commercial sector.

Paul is becoming part of the team during an exciting period of growth for the company.  Based in Edinburgh, he is very much looking forward to meeting with his customer base and introducing our 2020 programme of new products. We feel sure he will add a great deal of insight to the business and be able to assist our clients with a wide range of project requirements.


Espressa fast and stylish flooring

When it comes to knowing what designers and flooring contractors want, the flooring experts at Duraflor think they have it covered, especially with this new looselay range. Espressa is an impressively fast and stylish flooring solution in so many ways….

Created specifically with the needs of the interior designer in mind. We understand the importance of making a good first impression; and the ability to instantly create a stunning look, particularly one that will stand the test of time.

When we were thinking of a name for this range, we wanted to conjure up that idea of an ‘impressive’, yet ‘instantly achieved’ look that didn’t restrict the opportunity to ‘express’ creativity. Something that even a tight range of well-designed Luxury Vinyl Tiles can afford, if carefully selected.

This concise but on-trend colour range is available from stock.  This enables us to offer a fast turnaround, but but still meet many of the design and specification requirements of a busy commercial environment. We appreciate for project managers and for flooring contractors offering both these benefits is a major factor, when determining a supplier.

However, the benefits don’t stop there, being loose lay means installation is fast and easy, and with a wear layer of 0.7mm and an R10 slip-rating, the range is ideal for heavy traffic areas.